URI-TEST, a product of URI-TECH Corp., is composed of a biodegradable disposable urinary funnel, along with a test tube and coupling device that enables women to control their bladder more effectively by standing upright to collect a urine sample at a physician’s office or laboratory. The unique design of the URI-TEST allows female patients to void first, and then obtain the mid-stream urine specimen necessary to obtain accurate results by engaging the test tube with the coupling device. This process can be visualized as the test tube fills; the patient then disengages the test tube and proceeds to completely empty her bladder Women are typically expected to provide a urine specimen and transfer it into a test tube or small container. URI-TEST eliminates spilling and transfer, that urinating in such items may cause, ultimately contaminating a urine specimen during this process of handling. The benefits gained by using the URI-TEST far outweigh the minimal costs accrued by laboratories. The URI-TEST will provide more acceptable results to help physicians determine a better course of action and may potentially decrease the cost of care by not having to conduct repeat tests or reflex cultures and sensitivity.

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