Uri-Tech was founded in 2003 by a doctor with a striving passion to continuously seek methods to increase his patientsí comfort levels and in turn better their overall quality of life. As a doctor specializing in Rheumatoid Arthritis, Dr. Benedicto Fernandez was a first hand witness to the pain a woman post surgery and/or with chronic bone ailments, arthritis and other physical restraints endured when having to urinate, due to the position in which females utilize the toilette. His initial sentiments of concern, led to his aspiration to create a method in which women no longer had to bend down and sit, but could still dispose of liquid waste. As the idea progressed into the developmental stages he came to the realization that this would be an efficient instrument for all women, those with health issues and those that were healthy yet hygiene conscious. After extensive research the first Uri-Tech product came to fruition, a disposable female urination funnel known as the Urifemme. Today Uri-Tech Corp. has 3 central products available to institutions and consumers with many more innovations underway. All Uri-Tech products are manufactured and fulfilled in the United States of America.

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