The URI-FEMME®, is a female urination funnel. Its original design and unique fold, allow it to fit into any feminine carrying bag. The URI-FEMME® Med-Pack is designed to provide easy accessibility for women that have undergone a recent surgical procedure. It is also useful for women during pregnancy to provide comfort. Along with its ease of use, the product is intended to reduce complications that can arise as a result of surgery or pregnancy. The Med-Pack funnels are unfolded and displayed in a unique box stand which can be placed in doctor’s offices, hospitals and laboratories. The URI-FEMME® Med-Pack also has other important applications. For example, during the collection of a 24-hour urine specimen that is done during the course of the diagnosis of illnesses, spillage often occurs when just handed a large container. However, when using a URI-FEMME® Med-Pack funnel along with the collection container, less of the sample is lost, resulting in more accurate results. The URI-TEST®, the latest product to be released, allows women to obtain a midstream urine specimen comfortably and reliably without spillage or contamination. These are just some of the products already tested and released to consumers and labs for use. There are others in the early development stages for future release.

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